mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Sherlock Season 2 on PBS

Sherlock in the 21st century?! Possible!

Sherlock (C) BBC/PBS

Peeps, have you already watched season 1 of BBC's Sherlock? 

Did you find yourself wondering about how the cliffhanger is going to develop? 

As there is a second (and third) series, the Baker Street duo will, obviously, survive the confrontation with Jim Moriarty in the pool...(no spoiler here). What's stunning about the series, however, is how the writers managed to solve the chliffhanger situation in the first episode of the second series*, in one word: brilliant!

Good news is, PBS is broadcasting the second season on the other side of the pond (yes, I'm talking about North America here), starting on May 6th, 2012 (PBS)

So, remember to tune in and if you have not yet seen the first series, hurry up! Believe me it's worth it!

Source: PBS

*For those of you wondering: I'm based in Europe, so the BBC was within reach ;-)

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  1. Thanks for the info :)

    I am eagerly waiting for the second season..