giovedì 19 aprile 2012

The Vampire Diaries "Heart of Darkness" Preview

Thursday is finally here!
TVD's new installment "Heart of Darkness", however, is still a couple of hours away...

Anyone tired of waiting?! How about Julie Plec's episode preview?!

Julie Plec
Don't miss the producer's point of view on the episode:
Julie Plec's "Heart of Darkness" preview

mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Rookie Blue - Season 3 promo

ABC and Global announced just a few days ago that their hit summer series will be returning on May 24th (see Rookie Blue Season 3 premiere)...

...want some more?!

Here's the brand new Season 3 promo!

Rookie Blue Season 3 promo (C) ABC/GlobalTV

Tracy going for detective...A new rookie (?)...what else do you spot?

Stay tuned for more :-)


TVD "Heart of Darkness" Canadian Promo

OMG! If you're a TVD fan you're going to love this Canadian's not the best quality, but believe me it's totally worth it...

Beware of spoilers! 

There are some additional details, that may shed some light about certain unresolved questions raised by the US promo (hints: road trip, hands)...yeah you got it! It's Delena alert!

Don't miss it! 

martedì 17 aprile 2012

Summer Premieres - USA Network

Spring is here, kinda...

Anyway, May is fast approaching and the seasons of our favourite fall/winter series are gradually coming to an end...

Don't be sad, it's time to move on and let the summer series' fun begin!

USA announced today the summer premiere of its hit series :-D

Some are "old" summer friends, some are you go:

May 11, 2012 (Friday):
Common Law (new series), 10pm EST

June 6, 2012 (Wednesday):
Royal Pains, 9pm EST
Necessary Roughness, 10pm EST

June 14, 2012 (Thursday):
Burn Notice, 9pm EST
Suits, 10pm EST

July 10, 2012 (Tuesday):
White Collar, 9pm EST
Covert Affairs, 10pm EST

What series do you/will you follow? Which characters do you welcome?

That's a lot of interesting series...start planning your TV week ;-)

lunedì 16 aprile 2012

The Vampire Diaries - 3x19 Sneak Peek

Hi there!

The wait is almost all new and awaited episode of TVD is airing on Thursday! Yay!
L'attesa è quasi finita...The Vampire Diaries ritorna giovedì con un nuovo episodio! Yay!

Tired of waiting?! Here's a first sneak peek...just keep on reading ;-)
Stufi di aspettare?! Eccovi una prima clip dall'episodio...basta continuare a leggere ;-)

venerdì 13 aprile 2012

Gossip Girl - Photos "Salon of the Dead"

Only a few days left before an all new episode of Gossip Girl patience to wait some more?!

How about some pictures straight from the upcoming episode "Salon of the Dead" (5x20)?!

What are Diane and Chuck up to?!   © The CW

Want some more?!

The CW released a couple more and TV Fanatic brougth them to you...

Find out more on TV Fanatic: "Salon of the Dead" Photo Gallery

Source: The CW/TV Fanatic

giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Meanwhile in Belgium...

Who said Europe is boring?! Well, you might just reconsider...

Bored?! How about a little bit more drama to your everyday life? 
Just push the bottom, you know you want to...

Would you push the bottom, or is it enough to just turn on the TV?!

Source: Youtube/TNT

mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Sherlock Season 2 on PBS

Sherlock in the 21st century?! Possible!

Sherlock (C) BBC/PBS

Peeps, have you already watched season 1 of BBC's Sherlock? 

Did you find yourself wondering about how the cliffhanger is going to develop? 

As there is a second (and third) series, the Baker Street duo will, obviously, survive the confrontation with Jim Moriarty in the pool...(no spoiler here). What's stunning about the series, however, is how the writers managed to solve the chliffhanger situation in the first episode of the second series*, in one word: brilliant!

Good news is, PBS is broadcasting the second season on the other side of the pond (yes, I'm talking about North America here), starting on May 6th, 2012 (PBS)

So, remember to tune in and if you have not yet seen the first series, hurry up! Believe me it's worth it!

Source: PBS

*For those of you wondering: I'm based in Europe, so the BBC was within reach ;-)

Rookie Blue Season 3 Premiere


Rookie Blue fans have every right to be happy these days.

ABC revealed just a couple of days ago the starting date for it's summer hit Rookie Blue: 
May 24th, 2012 at 10pm ET!

So, ladies and gents, make sure to mark the date and time on your calendars, because the rookies are back early this summer!


Source: ABC Medianet

Gossip Girl 5x20 - Producers' Preview

As of the last few episodes one thing is for sure: Dair is on!

Dan and Blair Kiss!
Dair (C) The CW

But will this heavenly sensation last now that Blair knows what Chuck has done for her?

The mistery is back on!

In the meantime check out the producers' preview for the next episode "Salon of the Dead" (5x20) on TV Fanatic

Gossip Girl 'Salon of the Dead' Producers Preview
"Salon of the Dead" (C) The CW

What do you expect?


Source: TV Fanatic